Clients can expect customized marketing services that are fit to their business’ needs. Whether you need a fresh perspective from a consultant or to outsource the execution of your marketing efforts, I will build you the right team of specialists for the job. Below are just a few ways we can work together:

Marketing Strategy
Strategic development
Marketing audit
Budget planning
Database marketing
Promotions and events
Rewards programs
Project management
Business coaching
Strategy session
Customer service
Employee development
Print and digital ads
Marketing collateral
Sales materials
Email marketing
Direct mail

CONSULTING: I can audit and observe your current efforts and provide you with a clear assessment of what you are doing well and where you have opportunities for growth. From there, you can take the action items I suggest and start implementing changes, focusing your effort and budget on tactics that have the biggest impact to business growth.

STRATEGIC PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT: Smart marketing starts with a cohesive, focused and strategic plan. I can help develop and implement the right marketing mix, one that is best for your business, your customers and your budget. This customized document lays the groundwork so that you have a clear path to follow.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT: For the busy professional who needs help implementing the strategy, I will manage your marketing efforts, saving you the time and money it takes to figure things out yourself. Tasks may include hiring and overseeing vendors, monitoring performance, customizing communications, or being your main point of contact for all marketing efforts. Think of me as an out-sourced marketing manager who will keep the work moving while keeping you involved in the decisions and up-to-date on the progress.