Casino Marketing

Is there room to improve your property’s operating margins? Are you using customer data to make decisions and optimize your budget and ROI? I can help you create, refine and execute profitable campaigns aimed at acquiring and growing loyal customers.

With nearly 15 years of casino experience creating customer programs and communications, expanding player rewards programs, and designing compelling promotional campaigns, I can help you:

  • Track, analyze and use customer data to make marketing decisions.
  • Prepare marketing financials, including departmental budgets, campaign proformas and revenue forecasts.
  • Ensure that promotions, special events, advertising and customer communications are in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Design, promote and execute large-scale promotions and VIP special events.
  • Leverage a player rewards program to acquire, retain and reactivate customers.
  • Lead, coach and develop a diverse team of employees.
  • Foster internal relationships across departments and form partnerships with external vendors.
  • Act as a project manager to oversee a specific marketing initiative, tracking the project timeline and budget through to implementation.

I can offer you support and guidance with your loyalty marketing strategy and player rewards program or assist in the growth and development of your employees and vendors.

  • Loyalty Marketing Strategy – A casino’s customer database and rewards program are the cornerstones of a marketing strategy. I have experience with and can help you:
    • Enhance your player card rewards programs with new benefits and third-party partnerships.
    • Assess your database marketing strategy to uncover areas for revenue growth and/or cost savings.
    • Determine how to track and measure the success of marketing initiatives.
    • Apply customer data in developing both targeted marketing campaigns and broad, public promotions to acquire, retain or reactivate customers.
    • Design processes for executing campaigns and customer communications to ensure that information is sent clearly, consistently and in a timely manner.
    • Develop customer service plans for seamless execution of your marketing initiatives.
  • Employee & Vendor Development – With a growing competition in the casino industry, employee and vendor relationships are important to create and nurture. As a marketing leader and consultant, I have worked to:
    • Appraise personnel engagement and performance and assist in retraining or hiring and onboarding new employees.
    • Fill strategic roles that were left open due to employee turnover to ensure that plans and progress continue uninterrupted.
    • Coach and develop employees to successful marketing careers and honored their contributions with company leadership awards.
    • Cultivate cross-functional team interaction and support to work towards meeting company goals and improving customer service.
    • Build successful relationships with a variety of marketing vendors based on establishing expectations and creating clear, open and ongoing communication.